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Sanat Tripathi Memorial Mathematics Excellence Award


Sanat Tripathi Memorial Mathematics Excellence Award Scholarship instituted by Sri PC Tripathi, IAS (Retd.) from session 2023-24, stands as a beacon of hope and remembrance, honouring the memory of their beloved brother, Sanat Tripathi. Sanat was a product of humble beginnings, a student who once walked the corridors of a village school in Wajula, Garur Block, Distt. Bageshwar. His life’s journey was tragically cut short by the relentless grip of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this sorrowful chapter, the Tripathi family emerged with an unwavering commitment to keep Sanat’s legacy alive. They have dedicated this scholarship to uplift young minds in his cherished village, paying tribute to his unfulfilled dreams. This scholarship isn’t just a financial support system; it’s a symbol of their enduring love for Sanat and their community. Year after year, this scholarship touches the lives of students who walk in Sanat’s footsteps, offering them an opportunity to pursue education and break free from the shackles of limited resources. It fosters a spirit of resilience and ambition in the very place that Sanat once called home.

Sanat Tripathi Memorial Mathematics Excellence Award Scholarship isn’t just about academic excellence; it’s about nurturing dreams, fostering hope, and keeping the memory of Sanat Tripathi alive. It serves as a testament to the enduring power of love and compassion, proving that even in the darkest times, a shining light can emerge to guide the way for others.


All the Students enrolled in Class IX and XI of the Govt. Inter College in Garur Block, Distt. Bageshwar can appear for a Mathematics Aptitude Test on the Scheduled date. The selected candidate will undergo a short interaction with the Sponsors of the Award.


This year a total of 10 candidates will be (05 candidates each in class IX & class XI) selected for the award of scholarship. Each selected candidate will be awarded a monthly scholarship of Rs 1000/- (One Thousand) for 24 calendar months.

The scholarship for the next 12 calendar months will continue after reviewing the performance of the candidate in the yearly examinations of class IX and XI.


To benefit the maximum students of the region “Sanat Tripathi Memorial Mathematics Excellence Award” will be extended for all the students of the district in the coming years.

The amount and a number of Scholarships will also be increased as per the availability of the funds in the due course of time.


All the logistic support required for conducting the Test and distribution of the award will be done by the non-profiteering registered society CREEP (Centre for Research & Enhancement of Educational Practices.) with its Registered office at 8/322, Heeranagar, Haldwani, (Nainital), UK-263139;

Contact Number – 9719146010

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