Centre for Research and Enhancement of Educational Practices (CREEP) India is a registered, non profiteering social enterprise of the devoted academicians, educationists and researchers. Since 2011, it is working for bringing excellence in academics by educating the practising professionals in the field of teaching and learning through its meticulously designed need based workshops. It has also extended it’s services for the school and college students through it’s prestigious ‘Data Driven Guidance and Counseling Programme’ (DDG&C), The career workshops and the specialized career Talks.

The educational activities like the career workshops, School based DDG&C Programme and specialized career Talks are conducted by CREEP India under its community project ‘DISHA’. These various counseling programmes of the society help to empower the various stakeholder of education in the real sense.


At the end of high school every young person is faced with important question related to career planning and development for the future. In India career planning is a result of a young person being influenced by a number of different factors-family and parents, social practices, peer pressure , economic climate… all come together to create a environment in which varied attitudes and opinions are formed about different careers.

Unfortunately this is in fact a ‘career planning not by choice but by chance’. A majority of these individuals are not aware of their innate potentials and hence land up on a wrong career choice which will/may result in waste of their talent and ultimately lead to a dissatisfied work life in failure.

There is an emergent need to help these young learner to know themselves i.e. their abilities, personalities, beliefs and potential and to be aware of the latest trends in the human capital. This need becomes more pronounced in a resurgent economy like India where on one hand we need to channelize the youth towards work skill enhancement as per their orientation to reap the demographic dividend, on other hand the ‘career’ needs to be ignited in them to create a team of job creators rather than job seekers.

Towards this aim of scientific career counseling, CREEP India under its Community project DISHA has initiated various career guidance & counseling programs.

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