"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."
Disha guidance
Benjamin Franklin


To understand this, let’s read these strange but true facts :-


People finish their (Academic) journey and then think about their destination (career).


Adults are either in the wrong career or underemployed


School students when asked about their school career choice have/say, "let's see what happens" attitude and most of them are having unrealistic career ambitions and they follow the crowd.


Job seekers refuse to do training which is linked with their job. "If I am getting the job then why to go for training" ? They prepare to remain unemployed or enroll for training programmes without job offers.


Post graduates are not able to utilize their investment is education as they fail to understand that degrees lacking employment ability skills are like a mobile phone without a sim card.



“DISHA” runs, one of the best ranking guidance and counseling programme through out the country. 

It leads you to a career that suits you through its meticulously designed counseling sessions by the professionals of Education.

It provides unbiased and accurate insight Counseling services with 100% data privacy. You can make ground breaking decisions in class 9th to 12th and college, putting you way ahead of your peers.  

Career Counseling to help you discover the clear path Forward !

“We guide our students to some extent through school and then drop them into this complex world to sink or swim as the case may be. yet where the need for guidance is more emphatic than in the transition from school to work -the choice of Vocation, adequate preparation for it, and the attainment of efficiency and success.”
Disha guidance
Frank Parsons

Our Testimonials

Ms. Himani Pandey

"Thank you for all your career help and guidance. When I came to see you I could not make up my mind on anything. Now, if you ask me how satisfied I was with the direction I was heading with my career choice, it would be 10/10."

Mr. Neeraj Joshi

"An instrumental institution which looks forward for the best holistic development of the aspirants. Their approach also seems much productive to analyse the actual caliber and then guiding them for the best possible career."

Mrs. Madhumita Tiwari

"DISHA is a humble and dedicated initiative focussed to bring in the right guidance to students in choosing the career. Dr. L.M. Joshi, the torch bearer of the institution  has decades of experience in education and in developing curriculum that aligns with the career goals. Under his guidance DISHA would definitely help shape the young minds in the years to come."

Mr. Hemant Tripathi

"Dr. Joshi Sir and other staff members of DISHA are Fully dedicated towards their responsibilities and efforts for the bright future of aspirants. The center is a great place for overall information of the child. The Counseling from experts in the institute is very helpful for students to decide the right path for their career, to the best of their interest and aligns with their future goals as well."

Mr. Amit Saxena, HGS, Bhimtal

" The Aptitude Test and career seminar conducted for our class was a wonderful experience .... I am now confident that i can choose SPORTS as my career .... It helped me to convince my parents....."


Guidance refers to an advice or a relevant piece of information provided by a superior to resolve the problem or overcome a difficulty. Counseling / Counselling refers to professional advice given by a counselor to an individual to help him in overcoming personal or psychological problems.

Career Counseling often known as career guidance is a type of counseling that aims to assist a person in choosing or changing a career. For a person his Job/Work is one of the most important aspect. With so many alternatives available now, it is easy to get confused, as which one is appropriate for him. A good career counseling help a person to choose the best fit career for him.

Now a days career counseling is mainly essential;

1-To Choose the best fit career for an individual. 2- To know one’s interest, aptitude, personality and values etc. 3- To save one’s time from wastage. 4- To reduce the confusion. 5- To introduce one with the ‘World of Work’.

Career Counseling for a student helps him to not only choose the best fit career as per his potential and interest but it also helps him to decide how and what to study, to attain his career objective.

If you are currently in a School then your career counselor can help you to optimize your learning by guiding you What to study? and How to study? He can suggest you to join some leadership programs, Internship Programs and communication development Programs to build up your existing personality as per your targeted career need. He can connect you to various skills and opportunities so that you can get the most out of your education in minimum time.

A good career counselor is an experienced and competent professional who knows what will work best for you considering your Interest,Aptitude ,Personality,Values and Ethics etc.

DISHA is a social enterprise of devoted educationists and academicians who cater to the professional experience of more than two decades. The certified counselors of the centre provide counseling not only in education related matters like goal setting & stream Selection but also in career related issues like What to do? and How to do? Above all, DISHA provides you the counseling services with 100% data privacy.