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Problems Class X Teenagers Will Face This Year

  1. Lack of Clarity in selection of Right Stream: The biggest problems that teenagers face after class 10 is making the right choice of the stream for pursuing his studies in class XI-XII. They usually don’t have a clear idea about their interests and aptitude, which makes it hard for them to select the right stream. Example: Stereotype on “Science being tough, Arts being for easy goers and commerce, when you don’t want to pursue either arts or science, makes choosing a stream rationally very difficult.
  2.  Pressure from Parents: The second big problem that teenagers face is parental pressure. Parents may have their own choices and ideas about the selection of stream which may not align with the teenager’s interests and abilities. Example: Parental Statements like, “Choose a career which is running” Don’t choose that career, it is not even a career” makes choosing a stream very difficult for the child.
  3. Fear of Failure: The fear of making the wrong choice or not living up to expectations can make it hard in the selection of their chosen stream. This fear of failure can be paralyzing and prevent them from making a decision of their choice. Example: Choosing a new age or unconventional career, or a career that others haven’t chosen in the family, often stops them from moving forward with confidence.  
  4. Peer Pressure: Peer pressure can also play a crucial role in the stream selection process. Teenagers may feel pressured to choose a certain stream because their friends or classmates are choosing it, even if it is not the best fit for them. Example: When a friend confidently chooses a stream or career, often there is a temptation, to follow it, just out of hope the same might click for you too.
  5. Changing Interest: Teenagers interests may change as they grow and mature, which make it difficult for them to stick with one career path for a long time. It indirectly hits the right selection of stream at this stage. Example: The teenager being influenced by the family lineage may like to join Army in the beginning but in a due course may choose to be a software engineer after being influenced by their lifestyle.
  6. Lack of Authentic Information: Some teenagers may not have access to enough information about the different streams available to them. This can make it difficult for them to make an informed decision about which stream to choose. Example: Gender-based career options, religion or race-based career options make it hard for teenagers to explore a career in depth. Often such notions don’t allow them to even begin their career research.

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